Monday, August 2, 2010

28 Months Later Movie

28 Months Later MovieI re-watched 28 Days Later and 28 Weeks Later over the last week end. And God those two movies still feel as powerful as the first time I saw them! The first film in the series explored the aftereffects of a viral outbreak on London. The second film focused on what happened when the military tried to repopulate the area after presumably containing the threat. Now I'm dying to know what's happening next! So I'm left scouring the web for information about a potential new sequel to the 28 series, the sequel would likely be titled 28 Months Later.

Back in November 2008 Director Danny Boyle did express his interest in directing the third installment of the 28 Days Later franchise he created. Unfortunately there's nothing concrete so far it seems... The movie is still listed for a 2011 release on IMDb though, so there's hope.

Let's think about the potential plot of 28 Months Later! At the end of 28 Weeks Later, there's a glimpse of the zombie, er sorry the highly contagious 'rage' virus, spreading to France and mainland Europe. Also read that Director Danny Boyle once mentioned Russia as a potential location for the next 28 sequel. Anyway, the movie 28 Months Later will most probably deal with a worldwide outbreak of the virus.

Will the kids from the second movie help to get a cure before it's too late? Can't wait to see the movie 28 Months Later! Let's pray every day for the film to enter into production as soon as possible!